Hobbyist also aims to provide collectors, clubs and dealers with a range of advertising solutions our low cost 'Basic Hobbyist page' is an ideal way to get yourself on the internet and you don't even need a computer. All ads are fully linked into our page sections and you even get your own web address!

You can also change or add to your advert during the year if you wish, small alterations and additions cost from just £5.00 up to the full ad. price.

Banner Placements
Get noticed!...
with your own banner link.
Banner ads can be placed on most hobbyist pages (space permitting)

The optimum banner size is 466 by 60 pixels, (<30k) Graphics should be in the form of good quality artwork for scanning, or GIF or JPEG files. Animated and rotating banners are acceptable. Banners may be hyperlinked to your own web site.

From £35 per year contact us for details

To place your advert or further information please contact us at:
tel. 0151 339 5422

Please read our
terms & conditions

- up to 150 words (or 600!)
- up to two pictures/ illustrations
- your own web address
- linked to your email
- fully linked into hobbyist category pages

600 words max - if supplied in electronic format, disk, email etc. Post us photos/ artwork or send scans by email.

...just £20.00 per year

- up to 300 words (or 900!)
- up to three pictures/ illustrations
- your own web address
- fully linked into hobbyist category pages
- linked to your email
- a link to your own web-site or page

...just £25.00 per year*

also available - Multipage solutions, Complete website design, Domain name registration and fully featured site hosting.